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When I look back at the year 2016, the most predominant thing I can see is a lot of bad news and life finding new and creative ways to stall me, preventing me to hit deadlines or goals whenever I set them. Even more so than before. Sure, around the end of the year, things have finally started to improve, mostly regarding money...and I had small pieces of success in some areas...but I rarely got to invest much time/got to indulge in my main projects regularly, nor did I manage to draw more than once every few weeks or even months. Thus the lack of improvement, which really irks me. Long story short, 2016 was a shitty year and no one's going to miss it. -.-'

For 2017, my motivations are simple. Really, no fancy achievements or goals. I just want to generally become better at everything I do. Drawing, music, sticking to one thing as long as I need it and finishing stuff faster...and everything else. You name it. I want less procrastination, less standing in my own way or in anyone else's, and more touchable results in the end. Something I can look back on and say: "There, I did it. I managed (insert achievements)." I want to see my improvement. And I want to always be ready to take the next step, so I can make use of an opportunity if it presents itself to me. That is all.

I have already started re-organizing my life, creating free space and order in our home by building furniture to store stuff in, and by coming up with a completely new system to structure my data regarding projects and such. The beginning of 2017 means for me to order new, long desired equipment, regaining my discipline and to get cracking.
Especially the new tablet will make a difference as soon as Ive gotten used to it. I really want to practice and draw more, so I can finally get out more pics and start that damn webcomic I've been planning and preparing for years. And to get over with stuff I've been procrastinating for who knows how long, be it out of my own volition or because I've been forced to. That kind of stuff...along with a few personal things that will make mine and my husband's life better. Things are taking an interesting turn lately, so I'm going to roll with it. XD

To all of you, I wish you a Happy New Year in advance, since I'll be leaving town in three hours and only come back at the end of the weekend. Have a nice party. Seminon out =D
Ahahaa, I just noticed that it's been months since my last journal entry and posting anything...shit X'D
Time surely flies.
It's been going better these weeks, regarding money, but it also means less spare time and the necessity of a stricter schedule. Aside from fighting a phase of extreme tiredness, I've been continuously working on one of my projects (one I haven't really mentioned to anyone besides my RP partners) and made a lot of progress - just none I can show yet.

I've been wanting to draw, but I first lacked motivation and then the time. Now I've started again though, and will hopefully get to focus on drawing the main characters. I can promise that this will take a while, since it's always multiple pics in one, like a reference. Not to mention that I'm still working with my fucked up tablet.
Geez, gotta pull through. I really don't wanna wait until I can buy the new one, even if it should be affordable soon.

I apologize to everyone I haven't replied to for god-knows-how-long. My inbox is exploding, and I only occasionally come back to answer a few things. And at the same time, I thank those who are patiently RPing with me, helping me beta-test my stories and develop my characters. =D
Another update might come still this year, once I have time and actually something to say. The next picture will probably even be posted sooner than the next journal, which is a reassuring thought. :lmao:
Until then...have fun and hope the world doesn't end, given how things are looking currently. Seminon out~
Once again I have made myself rare, and I'm off to another busy two weeks. But I think I won't be away from the PC for days inbetween anymore, since we're back from the Gamescom (which was straining but awesome by the way) and have to attend our usual business as well as a few appointments.
We're invited next weekend to a friend's birthday party though and will be having guests over on the weekend after that one. Don't expect that much activity at these times, okay? =D

I haven't posted anything much recently, I noticed, but that dryspell is gonna end soon. I drew a few more things in the meantime, and I will post them as well as one or two old pics I didn't finish until now, depending on when I get to upload and work on them.
Our lives are slowly but surely changing into a better direction now. I got a new side job, plus more requests from an old business contact who came to life again, much to my pleasant surprise XD
Also, I feel more motivated and energized, getting into the routines I want (and need) and losing bad habits such as procrastination and standing in my own way in terms of shyness and hating my own stuff. Hmm, I believe I became a bit more social in the course of this last week and especially the weekend too, which probably isn't a bad thing. Let's see how long it lasts, ha ha.

I'm more than ever focused on my goals now, having managed to stay on track longer than in any phase before. Hope this continues.
I still can't work on one project for a long time coherently, but I've finally learned to only switch around between promising projects or work on multiple stories at once. Luckily, I'm not one to confuse/mix up details from different projects - otherwise, this would be impossible to manage.
Of course I will still take my time until I post real story content, no matter if drawn as a comic or written as a novel, since rushing stuff is a recipe for disaster and shitty-ness. Not to mention that I first need a new tablet as well. Can't work with the old one anymore, and it constantly deters me from trying to draw with it by biting the dust/not connecting or staying connected properly.
Small references, OC pics/sketches, style experiments and exercises as well as more traditional or mixed media in general can be expected though. I reeeeaaaaallllly hope I'll get make enough money to afford at least a cheap new tablet soon. Without a screen, if I must. I can deal with that in terms of learning and adapting, as opposed to something keeping me from practice and improvement at all.

I'm gonna try to be a little more active for now and see what the next month brings...then I can give an update, in case anyone is interested.
Stay bushy-tailed, guys, and have a nice day.
Seminon out. :sleep:
Yes, this is a good thing. Finally there's hope to make a little progress, and I will direly need it, as next month, my last and only support will run out. -.-'
But fortunately, an old business contact of mine came back to life and asked me for two jobs, both paying well per hour. And the company me and my husband worked for on the side, a few hours a week in order to earn extra money, called again...instead of just working with my husband for the lolz (and to ease the workload) occasionally, they offered me my own contract.
Hell, I won't say no, as it's at the best time of the day (aka, late night shift) and it's not much for an acceptable sum. I'm gonna call right away in the morning^^

But this also means that, even if I can reply to my RPs a couple times per day at best, I won't be on it immediately in most cases, depending on how much is going on at that moment. I also got my own projects to take care of besides the work, so I need to keep my schedule balanced.
One more thing. I won't be available from the 18th to the 21st of August, as we're out of town. My husband has been invited by a French game studio to the Gamescom as part of the VIP/dev team for the third year in a row, and I will join him this time. Costs are all covered and shizz, so no reason to complain. =D

Long story short, life's busy, but in this case, it's the good kind of busy. Maybe, just maybe, everything will finally take a turn for the better. At least temporarily. That would be really awesome. The only downside is that I don't know when I'll draw/post my next pic, but well, I guess that'll just happen when it happens.
Seminon out. :meow:
I've made myself rare again these days...sorry for that. I got delayed by work again and currently have friends staying over until tuesday; also, I just don't know yet how to deal with this extremely cute, yet very strange black kitty that suddenly got all fixated on us, trying to get into our home all the time. Not that I mind the cat, actually XD
Anyway, I might not reply fast due to those reasons. And because I recently started working on my book again. Tuesday night or wednesday though I shall reply to all of you, to the best of my abilities. =D

Now off to the rant, so skip this if you don't wanna read it.
I swear, some people. I mentioned this before, but I'm absolutely disgusted by self-pity. Especially this type of know, they give you the feeling that they need to be treated with kid gloves all the time, lest they act offended for no reason or try to manipulatively guilt-trip you into 'apologizing' or 'comforting' them. THIS SHIT DOESN'T WORK ON ME, BITCHES.
I'm sick and tired of these games. The worst is when people ask you for an opinion on something they made, and damn, you know exactly that they are only fishing for compliments. If you can't tell them an opinion because you don't have one yet - should you be the type to not judge quickly and approach things slowly and objectively - or you give them friendly advice/constructive criticism, they act like you've said something bad about their stuff.
I used to play this game and tried to focus on giving positive feedback, since I used to be polite to the point of inhuman self-control, but fuck this, not anymore. It's straining my patience like nothing else. If you want my opinions, you get an honest one. I might phrase it nicely, yes, but I will not lie. This only leads to people falling on their asses because no one got the balls to tell them the truth. I will be professional and tell you what's good. But I will also offer advice and suggest methods to improve where it is lacking.
I swear, I'm dumb enough to try and help when I oughtta do real work instead, even if people are kinda hard to talk to.
But when I have the feeling that they ain't understanding a word I say and interprete it in a wrong way on purpose, just to have reason to whine and be offended....I will officially lose my shit.
Man! Some of these people I'm referring to are my age or older! I've talked and RPed with teens that are wayyyy more mature than that! What the fuck?! -.-'
Long story short, if you just want praise on something you created, ask your grandparents, your psychotherapist or go back to kindergarten, but don't make websites or post your stuff on social media if you can't take a honest opinion. I understand being insecure and touchy - I used to be shy as hell too and still doubt myself everyday. But the rose-colored glasses and the kid gloves will not help me improve. If something about my work sucks, tell me in a reasonable tone what it is and how to do it better. I appreciate that.
BUT DON'T PULL THAT CRAP. Seriously. Don't attention-whore or ask me for feedback, if all you want is compliments and if you later whine about me trying to actually help.
I will flip tables right there and then.
...Ahh, that felt good. I needed to get this off my chest for some time now.

So, essentially that's all for now. Have a nice day folks, I'm off to bed.^^
Halp. *dies* :dead:

This is the problem with my sleeping schedule fuckups. Once the cycle has progressed too fast, there's no way to get it back to normal. It only moves into one direction, and I'd have to turn it around naturally over the course of two or three weeks. I don't have that time with a side job that includes fixed shifts. Meh.
I can, of course, force my body back into the ideal schedule, but that always makes me fall into a phase of insomnia and polyphasic sleeping, and I feel like I'm awake at all the wrong times. This sucks so hard, since I can't think or focus as good as I usually do.

And it's the reason why I make myself so rare again, despite the double shifts being over. Seems like I'm becoming notoriously slow in my replies, regarding RPs.
To my RP partners: Sorry for that. It'll be fixed soon. But there's no use in me staring blankly at the screen, being grumpy, and losing all motivation to continue if it feels like a chore. I gave myself a break by devouring some good books in my spare time, to relax my tired-as-fuck mind. And working on some project stuff behind the scenes.

Be assured, as soon as I corrected this huge fuckup (once more), I will put the ideas I collected for the RPs to good use. There are quite a few, depending on the RP.^^

See you soon, guys. I shall keep trying XD
Now that I made it through this hell of a week alive, normal work will feel like paradise in comparison XD
Either way, it's a great relief. Sunday I'm free, and next week, I expect to be able to do my own stuff again. All my personal projects and hobbies as well as the RPs here on DA, so my reply rate will increase again. Right after awakening from my coma tonight and cleaning my overflowing inbox^^
Damn, I'm so tired right now...Good Night, folks, and have a nice weekend.
Seminon out. :dead:
Yeah, you heard right. Me and my husband ain't getting a break anytime soon, and in our side job, we have to do someone else's shift additionally to our own. But well, that at least means more money, and it's not as bad as it could be. After all, we technically had the choice, and we have to work at the ideal time. And the appointments are more or less for my own wellbeing^^
Also, things are looking a tiny bit better in general, and I feel like I'm starting to get shit done. This leaves a bit of motivation to keep going, unlike the past months/year. Hopefully I will continue making progress, with all the stuff I need to do.
Still, this means that I won't have that much time for RPs, so I hope my RP partners will forgive me if I'm not on that often until sunday. I will try to muster up the one or another quality reply, so our RPs won't stagnate completely.
Don't wanna sound whiny about my life. Just stating facts, so my friends on here know that I'm not dead if I don't answer immediately.

Have a nice week, folks, and conquer your inner Schweinehunds :lmao:
I can't say it was all bad, though the weather was less than pleasing most of the time and it was more stressful than I hoped it would be. I didn't get to do what I wanted to, and I didn't have much time to think about stuff, like the ongoing RPs I wanted to spice up again.
My grandparents kept us busy trying to drag us to as many stupid festivities as possible (with lots of highly conservative people having sticks up their asses) and work in the garden, all including good chances to get soaked by the rain in the process, and we noped out whenever we could and relaxed when we got a break.
But hey, nothing more of that. It was nice getting out of our house and town for a while, and due to the circumstances, we longed to return to our work before three days had passed, lol. XD

Now I'm starting to clean my inbox, which will take a while, and pick up on all the tasks that have been delayed - Working on my stories, doing all kinds of shit in the house, fixing stuff on my PC, business, drawing exercises and, well, coming up with something cool for the RPs.

That being said, I'll be on it. Have a nice day, folks~ =D
I feel that I've become rather lazy with journals, mainly because I don't deem it necessary to share my whole life with people (nor do they give two shits, honestly XD), and also because I'd repeat myself anyway.

But well, you may or may not have noticed that a lot is changing right now, in terms of work and my projects. Everything is going into the next phase, but the main part happens behind the scenes slowly but surely. I have made progress, and maybe it's gonna show soon. I still think that things will go slow and steady art-wise, until I'm done with preparations.

Our financial situation isn't good yet either, but this month has been a little better than the ones before. It would have helped if I got more commissions, but I guess I've gotta get better for that. >.<

Anyway, to all my RP partners as other people who I regularly write back and forth with: Sorry for making myself so scarce. Work's been swamping me, and I couldn't find the strength to return to the PC so often. There's a lot of reorganization going on currently.
Also, I'll be out of town from June 16 (for some of you probably still the evening of June 15) until the night of June 20. It's the only vacation I'll get anytime soon, so I'll try and make the best out of it. Hopefully, five days without internet will refuel my inspiration and motivation to give these RPs some kick again. =D

That's it for now, I guess. Have a nice day~ :meow:
Seriously, I'm barely online at all and don't get to do shit. My inbox is overflowing, and my replies to comments, notes and such are being delayed until kingdom come.
To everyone who is waiting for a reply, sorry. I mean it. An especially big sorry to my RP partners. TT^TT

I'm working, I had guests, and I'll be out of town again this weekend. But soon, it'll be over. A week remaining before I can get back to the screen, work, and reply to everything. Life is just keeping me on my toes right now, and I couldn't concentrate on this in my small breaks even if I wanted to.
So you know now that I'm not dead, and with that, I'll be off again.

I wish nice, relaxing easter holidays to everyone who actually gets to enjoy them. XD
Man, two months since my last journal entry? Damn. But well, it's not like I have any obligation, or want to spam them like I see many others here do. ;p

2016 already, and time flies so fast. I am back to my projects, though real life work holds me back. And it's not gonna get better anytime soon. Still, I hold my hopes high and keep trying to achieve something in this year. To develop my projects, improve my drawing skills, work on my music and much more, so I can actually show something...finally.
I always want to do this and that, have a hard time sticking to one thing over longer intervals, and things are generally progressing much slower than intended. It gives me the feeling of letting you down. And it irks the hell out of me.
I want to be one of those artists who finish what they start, and bring my projects to life. I already have reduced the number of prioritized projects to 2, and one side thingy where I put in everything I find use for in my main projects.

Sketches are on the way currently, and I also want to finish the several digital pics I started in the last year. Some of them are already older than a year, geez. @.@
The reason for this delay is not only real life work and other distractions, or the opinion that my digital art sucks. It's because my tablet is dying and causes me more problems than it is worth. No motivation when this damn thing is pissing me off all the time. Meh. -.-

We shall see if I can provisorically fix it until I can actually afford a new one. Then I can throw out my long promised commission sheet and get down to business^^

That's about it. I made major changes to my life, and I'm not done turning things for the better. I am looking forward to spending another nice year on DA with all of you. Seminon out. =D
...damn, that was fast. o.O

This is a time of stress usually, despite not celebrating Christmas. Money is shorter than usual, I'm barely online and I have to work like a horse to remain within the schedules I set for myself. And, of course, preparing to be ready for starting up a few things in the new year.

So, I'm sorry if responses are slow right now. I'm not touching my PC for days often, and my inbox is a mess. An especially big sorry to my RP partners, but it's just not possible right now to reply more than occasionally within a few days. This will return to normal again in the new year, once I'm through with the worst.

Until then, I will also not submit anything great, except for one thing I started to draw about a year ago, and which I need to complete my commission sheet.

But as I said. The new year will bring change for us, and hopefully more positive than this one. It can't get much worse anyway. I will officially open commissions, work further to publish my first comic soon (though I won't rush it...I don't want it to be crappy) and take the next steps in my music project.
I need to bring in more cash, so I can finally get the lessons and equipment I need. And if things go optimal, we can even find better jobs and move into another city with better opportunities for us.
We'll see. I won't bet on it, but it doesn't hurt to hope and try my best. With that said, I'll go back to work to make this possible.
Have a good time, guys. =D
I know, it's been an eternity since my last journal entry, but there wasn't much to say which I haven't stated already, and my constant complaining about the situation is really getting old.
So, let me give you an update of what I'm doing behind the scenes, when I'm posting nothing at all. Okay, I can't say nothing at all, as I surprisingly got to upload five new pieces in relatively fast succession after a long interval of not wanting to draw if it were for my life. =D
It's one little step into the right direction, but I officially found myself lost on what to do at all. And if what I'm doing makes sense at all. I have no drive/motivation or passion anymore that keeps me going and facing all my challenges in life head-on. Instead, I've grown tired of them and avoided them rather, and kept procrastinating even small things for weeks or months. Sure, I'm busy with work and our really crappy financial situation, but even with this excuse, it's still stupid and pathetic. -.-'

So, as I've been trying to get in touch with myself again, I had some realizations and clues where to start, but I'm by far not done. It's been a busy weekend for me, which will hopefully be only the start in a series of rather drastic measures and experiments to get back on track. Part of this is resetting my priorities.
This constant pressure I felt, to keep on posting a minimum of art to keep impatient watchers satisfied, and on top of that, stuff I owe...I think this played a significant role in the process of losing my motivation to draw. Or do anything art-related, for that matter.
Thus, I will now officially declare that my priorities look like this: First is music, second is my mental progress and everything that makes me me...and only then, we have drawing...even if I enjoy it.  It's really just a tool to illustrate my inner world and help me create.

I still do owe some art though, and I will not forget about it.
:iconravuswolf:, I am on your commission, but I really wanna teach myself to draw males a little better first. See it as putting more effort than usual into this pic.^^
:iconfaeron-the-wanderer:, I have your request on op of my list and I'm sorry that it takes to long.
The reason why I haven't done any of them yet is, that I don't wanna lose my urge to draw again under this pressure.

Anyway. I'll be focusing a little more on my music now inbetween my experiments, and try to tackle my issues again. I want to actively learn what I feel I can't do well yet. I'm rewriting/completing/translating a story I originally wrote ten years ago, resulting from a long, detailed and intense dream I had.
I want to finalize my novel's concept and start writing for real once more. And I want to see which of my projects make sense and focus my attention on them. I intend to at last finish the things I started in a satisfying way, so we can finally see results after a lot of bla bla from me.

Again, another shoutout to those who take the time to RP with me. Thank you guys, you are a great help in developing my characters and their respective worlds.
I will still be responding to notes and comments, as always, even if it seems like I'm dead. XD

I am completely aware that most of you won't even read this wall of text I puked out here, because people hate least it's very underrated on DA ;p
But those of you who care know now what little me is up to. Have a nice day/night~ :meow:
Hi, there, folks^^
First of all, sorry for the recent inactivity. Life sucks as always, and no one seems to have real interest in commissioning me, plus, I just lack time to really concentrate on anything. It's this restlessness and the near certainty of having to move a few hundred miles soon that keep me from drawing. And I feel like I haven't really been myself the recent months, like I lost all connection to what makes me me. I barely even get to work on my music anymore, which should be my main priority.

So I've started working on stuff for my novel again (of which I also began to draw more characters, but I can't promise great works anytime soon) and will focus on work outside of DA. I will still reply to comments and notes etc, and to the one I still owe a request: I haven't forgotten. I'm sorry that it takes so long, but I wanna do a proper job, and I can't do that in this demotivated state. But I WILL do it eventually. Okay?

Long story short, I will concentrate more on behind-the-scenes work while finding myself again and developing my projects, so I can soon present some actual progress. To me, that's more important than just spamming pictures, but not getting anything done for real. ^^
Alrighty, big plans ahead and hopefully someone will kick my butt into the right direction. See ya soon with new results~ =D
Okay, let's be honest, things aren't going well. Me and my husband are unable to pay our rent due to the lack of clients and might even have to move a few hundred miles away from our current home. And it will still take a while until I bring out my full commission sheet due to IRL stuff getting in the way of everything -.-'

So, here's the deal. I'm gonna try the "pay what you can" approach. You tell me HOW MUCH you can pay and WHAT YOU WANT (such as media/style, size and details etc. Whatever media and style you can find in my gallery, goes.). ^^
Then I will tell you WHAT I CAN DO for that price. It's a pretty flexible system, and special deals will be more the rule than the exception. How does that sound? =D
Of course, you still have to agree to my terms of service...which you can find here:
Commissions - Terms of ServiceThis will be the terms of service in case you decide to commission me in the future. If you commission me, it means you agree to them, and I assume you have read them beforehand.^^
It's just a few, simple things that will make this a fair game for both sides, so please bear with them.
If there are free commission slots -it's first come, first serve- note me if you're interested, so we can talk about the details. I don't bite...I think. =D
:bulletblue: If you are commissioning me, it means you're asking for my personal art, so I will behold the right to draw it in MY style.
I want no complaints about how I draw different things later, since you saw at least a few pieces of mine beforehand and thus knew what you were getting into.
:bulletgreen: I have the right to decline a commission without explanation, which will usually never happen, unless I deem it inappropriate or something tells me that something about the client is sketc

So, if you're interested, just note me, and then we can talk. I don't usually bite. XD
An opportunity for you, I guess, since those commissions will be cheap as sh*t, well, because they're just ballpoint sketches after all.^^

Headshot: 1 $
Bustshot: 2 $
I forgot how to be human long ago... by Seminon Mikoro (Headshot) by Seminon
You have to imagine them along those lines the commish types say, head or down to bust only. Of course, I don't have the perfect examples yet XD

Waistshot: 3 $
Sutekhi - Another Doodle by Seminon Eien (first conceptual sketch) by Seminon
Somewhere imbetween those two. You get the picture ;p

3/4 Sketch: 4 $
Ringo again^^ by Seminon
Pretty much like this one, up from the knees.^^

Fullbody: 5 $
Luzie (Concept Sketch) by Seminon Dani (Concept Sketch) by Seminon
I think I don't need to say anything to this. Name says all. =D

But there are certain things I need to take surcharges for, due to different reasons. Or discounts, for that matter.

:bulletblue: Chibi discount: 4 $ for one Chibi
Because let's be honest, they don't take as much effort as a fullbody.

:bulletgreen: Additional character surcharge/discount: 75%
So if you want a second character in the picture, you don't have to pay for two separately.

:bulletyellow: Complexity and item surcharge: 25%
In case you want me to draw items, difficult poses or complex designs that take significant extra time for me to draw. Examples for such complex designs would be those:
Orlanda (Ballpoint Sketch) by Seminon Solveig (Ballpoint Sketch) by Seminon

:bulletred: NSFW surcharge: 25 %
I don't feel as comfortable with drawing and uploading stuff like that on this account, so that's why.

:bulletpurple: Males etc. surcharge: 50%
I'm just not as good at drawing males, so they need quite a bit longer.

:bulletblack: Background surcharges - Simple: 25% and medium: 50%
Again, because they take time and effort.

That's it, folks. If you are interested, note me. My terms of service you will find here:
Commissions - Terms of ServiceThis will be the terms of service in case you decide to commission me in the future. If you commission me, it means you agree to them, and I assume you have read them beforehand.^^
It's just a few, simple things that will make this a fair game for both sides, so please bear with them.
If there are free commission slots -it's first come, first serve- note me if you're interested, so we can talk about the details. I don't bite...I think. =D
:bulletblue: If you are commissioning me, it means you're asking for my personal art, so I will behold the right to draw it in MY style.
I want no complaints about how I draw different things later, since you saw at least a few pieces of mine beforehand and thus knew what you were getting into.
:bulletgreen: I have the right to decline a commission without explanation, which will usually never happen, unless I deem it inappropriate or something tells me that something about the client is sketc

...people running away from their problems. I see this happening far too often. And seriously, I can't watch this anymore. (Sorry, little incoming rant.)

Does anyone of you know this phenomenon? People lamenting their problems and mistakes they've made, whining about people they believe to have pissed off? But instead of fixing those problems, instead of putting in real effort to change what bothers them and to avoid said mistakes in the future, they run. They stop communicating, go at a distance, lock themselves away and even change accounts only to drown in self-pity.
But what do we have the ability to communicate for? Why is intelligence given to us, when all we do is solve our problems in the stupidest, most immature manner, effectively making them worse?

This is just frustrating. Especially if it involves me. I can tell you, it's really difficult to piss me off. I will remain friendly and polite most of the time, but life has taught me to be honest with the people, as this is for the best of both sides. I know many who think alike. If something's wrong, I will tell you. If something's wrong, so tell me. We can always talk and work this out. In fact, I'd rather help people overcome their problems than comdemn them for what they do wrong.
Sure, there are things that annoy me. But I can promise you that it is veeery unlike for me to be annoyed enough to not have the will to fix this and make a change. Start anew. But I can't help a person who doesn't want to be helped.
Running and not giving me the chance to help/say my part if you BELIEVE I'm pissed is a sure-fire way to make me mad.

It may sound harsh, but in my opinion, someone who doesn't really try to deal with their problems and overcome them has no right to lament them. Even if you close your eyes when facing the truth, it won't change or go away. Self-pity disgusts me. Stop doing this. This path of least resistance will only lead into a long downward spiral.
Instead, stand your ground and be able to look at yourself in a mirror again. There are people with far worse problems out there, and they give their best. They fight, they never give up, and in the end, they are always the winners in my eyes.

(Rant over. I'm not the type to easily rant, but this HAD to be said.) ...Have a nice day.
Yeah, so this'll be not only a feature, but also my personal reminder list. Said donors, who had/have the kindness to throw points in my donation pool, will be on this list at least until I've given them their reward.^^
This may be updated once in a while depending if anyone wants to extort this loophole. XD

First to go was :iconcoldcollector:, who donated incredible 200:points:. Thank you so much:heart:
He/she (I dunno, lol) will receive a tiny little freeze-mah-butt-off cute-as-fuck custom adoptable. It's done, f*ck yeah.

Next up is :iconshibekutaato:, who donated 20 :points: and will get his artwork featured. Thank you a huge lot for taking your time and donating. I'm very grateful. :happybounce:

So, people, check out this artwork of his characters:
Blades of Hades by ShiBekutaato

Then I have to thank :iconkenjisama: for donating 228 :points:. You will receive a sketch of your OC Renelle and my OC Nao kickboxing, as requested.
EDIT: Aaaand done.^^

I also thank :iconkittimitti: for donating 32 :points:. As you wished, I'm choosing one of your characters to draw a headshot/bustshot sketch of...I think it will be Tulip =D
Here ya go.~ Done.

For :iconfantasylover103:, who donated 20 :points:, I will feature my absolute favourite writing of yours.
DoriaAna can sometimes see her, ink splattered palms twitching in the raw sunshine. 
There were pearls in her hair and diamonds on her wrists that morning, the dawn light peeping over foggy shadows. The roses were swaying from perilous branches and with one tremulous gust of wind they vanished. The curtains were drawn back, highlighting the insecurities of light as darkness clung to the dank hillsides. Daffodils and dandelions swayed roughly in the morning air, the stars hovering over their lips.
China tea cups grow cold on lacy tablecloths. The girl looks outside, her eyes dull and grey.
Sunlight drags itself over the silky hills, scraping the shadows back with their rusty fingernails. The rose garden is shaken awake, tendrils of light pushing the stray petals back and cherry blossoms settle at the bottoms of dirty lily ponds. 
One listless sip of cold tea.
There were lemon trees and there were blueberry bushes entangled in wild roses. Shy bunnies and deer would pop their he
But do tell me if you want me to feature another one as well.^^
I am very grateful that you had the kindness to donate. C:

Then we have :icontheundeadstriker:, who donated 10 :points: and will get two artworks of his choice featured. Thank you very, very much, my friend. :hug:

So, folks, here I go:
<da:thumb id="511390434"/> <da:thumb id="524435824"/>

Okay, this has nothing to do with the donation pool, but I'm gonna feature :iconmdjustin: anyways, because he was so kind to give me a PM :hug:.
I think I will draw you a kitty, as soon as I have a little time left between two things and my electronic idiots let me do it. YAYYYYY XD
EDIT: And finished it is. C:

Now, for :icondragonlordfrankie:, who donated 150 :points: as a special deal, I shall draw a waistshot sketch of my OC Ringo and his OC Dixie. Thank you very much for sparing a few points for me. I will get to drawing your prize as soon as my schedule allows it.^^
EDIT: And done =D

:iconsilly-finn: , who donated 20 :points:, will get two artworks featured. Thank you very much for sparing a few points for an aspiring artist :3
Escape [[EDIT]] by Silly-Finn  Silence by Silly-Finn  Here you go.^^

Next up is :iconnickh49:, who donated 130 :points:. I'm very grateful to you. =D
You will get a sketch of your OC Kyouko. I'll start once I find the time to do it. :3